LFNC Election 2018: Giuseppe Asaro, Candidate, District E

1.  How long have you lived in District D/E?

I have lived in district E for almost 3 decades and I did vote in previous elections.

2.  How many hours a week can you devote to the work of the Neighborhood Council and its subcommittees? 

4 to 6 hours a week but as much as necessary to help improve our neighborhood.

3.  How many Neighborhood Council meetings have you attended in the last six months?

Since deciding to candidate myself for this election, I have attended several meetings to meet with the board and the various committees and to get familiar with the various issues.

4.  The Neighborhood Council has a number of areas of interests and concerns.  What areas of interest do you plan to become involved in?

My primary areas of interest embrace 3 aspects of our neighborhood, all equally important to further improve the quality of life of our community; Environment, Safety and Beautification.

As a daily hiker in Griffith Park, I feel the importance of protecting the environment. I would like to hear and share ideas on how make the park the ultimate destination for physical activities, while conserving the natural habitat from pollution.

A lot can be do improve the park; for example, creating safe cycling lanes, adding clean filtered water in the fountains and adding solar powered recycled benches.

As a Los Feliz resident for the past 28 years, I would like to improve the safety of our neighborhood by continuing to build an informed community connected via social media as well as through community improvement efforts. I believe that cleaning and improving the neighborhood is a great deterrent to crime.

5.  How familiar are you with the particular issues, projects, and nuances of your particular District?

As I have begun to attend the LFNC meetings, I have been listening to neighbors’ concerns and ideas to improve District E.

The increasing homeless population as well as the recent spike in crime are quite serious concerns. Traffic and pedestrian safety are other concerns that are afflicting many residents. For example, applications that redirect traffic cause more blockage than assistance.

6.  What issues in your District make you interested in representing it? Why do you think you are qualified to work on these issues?

In addition to my interest in preserving the environment, improving public safety and enhancing the beautification of our neighborhood, I would like to promote the protection of Historical Architectural Landmarks such as the Stairways and the Shakespeare Bridge and other less known architectural piece of history that gives the unique character to the neighborhood.

7.  Once elected, you will be representing a specific District.  How do you plan to stay in touch with the residents of your District?

Since I have always tried to be in touch with my neighbors and by patronizing the local businesses, if elected as a representative for district E, I plan to increase my involvement and attendance to the LFNC meetings, committees and groups involved with supporting initiatives that will improve our community.

8.  What activities have you been involved in with the community? (Give examples)

As a filmmaker over the course of the years, I have brought a lot of photography and film work in the community. I have been hiring many residents, renting great locations, and shared my favorite local restaurants with my clients, casts and crews.

I open my home studio to local and international artists, in an effort to build community while sharing inspiration.

9.  Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself part of the community with a stronger sense of commitment having contributed to the improvement and beautification of our neighborhood.