The FHRA promotes a sense of community by bringing neighbors together to help create a safe and vibrant neighborhood for all!

Get Action on Your Issues

The Franklin Hills Residents Association (FHRA) has built good relationships with city agencies,  political leaders, schools, police and fire departments, The Prospect Studios and other neighborhood associations over the years.  As a member of FHRA, you have access to these connections to motivate change or solve problems, such as those caused by auto repair shops. The FHRA has also worked to give our community a strong voice in the city's Neighborhood Council program. We were one of the founding organizations of the Greater Griffith Park Neighborhood Council which was officially certified by the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment on June 11, 2002. It is now known as the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council (LFNC). FHRA volunteers also worked hard to defeat Hollywood secession which would have split our neighborhood in two.

GIVING Residents a Voice

Community meetings give a voice to your needs and opinions, relay news and information, and offer a chance to socialize with neighbors. Guest speakers and topics relevant to your concerns and interests in the community are presented.

Stay Informed and Involved

The Overview is a high-quality news publication produced and delivered entirely by FHRA volunteers. Read all about what's going on in Franklin Hills, find out what events and issues are coming up and how you can get involved. It's also a great sourcebook for information on local businesses and services.

Join Community Projects

FHRA has a long list of accomplishments and current projects making your life even better in Franklin Hills. Landscaping the Franklin Avenue median and the area under the Shakespeare Bridge, pushing for effective community policing, graffiti abatement, cleaning and maintaining the network of neighborhood stairways, tree planting, community garden, support for our area schools and our library, collecting historic photos, disaster preparedness, plus safety, traffic and community planning are some of the areas receiving the focused attention of FHRA efforts.


FHRA By-Laws