Questions About Airbnb and the Los Angeles Home Sharing Ordinance / Carole Nese

Many FHRA residents have infinite questions and concerns about Air BnB <include examples...>. The city of Los Angeles has very specific rules in their Home Sharing Ordinance Background and Frequently Asked Questions Fact Sheet updated on June 2017.

The summary states that “short term rentals, which are rooms one may rent for less than 30 days, are currently not permitted in the vast majority of Los Angeles under the zoning code. However, with the growth of Internet companies such as Airbnb and VRBO, there has been a significant rise in this activity. While there are many benefits to sharing one’s home, it presents challenges for the City’s neighborhood, its zoning regulations and to an already tight housing stock.”

The Home Sharing Ordinance outlines the main criteria for Home-Sharing:
-Short-term rental of one’s own primary residence only
-No more than 180 days a year
-You must possess a Transient Occupancy Tax Registration Certificate from the Office of Finance
-Operation of only one short-term rental in the City
-Approval from a landlord (if a tenant)
-Not located in a unit subject to the Rent Stabilization Ordinance
-Home-Sharing takes place in area approved for residential

There are specific rules for enforcement of the ordinance...”fines or fees will accrue if the non-permitted activity does not ceased within a specified time.”

For more complete information see the Los Angeles City 2017 Home Sharing Ordinance Background & Frequently Asked Questions.