LFNC Election 2018: John Miguel ‘Mickey’ McCauley, Candidate, District D

1.  How long have you lived in District D?

My wife and I moved from Cambridge, MA, to our apartment in district D in 2015.

2.  How many hours a week can you devote to the work of the Neighborhood Council and its subcommittees?

I hope to contribute 8-10 hours a week on Council work, including corresponding with constituents, planning projects, and meeting with subcommittees.

3.  How many Neighborhood Council meetings have you attended in the last six months?

I have not attended any meetings in the last six months, but after learning more about the level of involvement that non-members can still attain, I look forward to making my voice heard at future meetings, regardless of the outcome of the election.

4.  The Neighborhood Council has a number of areas of interests and concerns.  What areas of interest do you plan to become involved in?

My primary area of interest is in the development and enhancement of public works in the area, as well as acting as a liaison with the city council to advocate for more road and sidewalk refurbishments in our neighborhood. I hope to get more public water fountains, social areas, restrooms, and benches installed. And as an avid walker, I will work to make Los Feliz as accessible and walkable as possible. Finally, I hope to publicize the Neighborhood Council's activities to give residents a better sense of what their representatives are up to, as well as a better chance for engagement.

5.  How familiar are you with the particular issues, projects, and nuances of your particular District?

At present I have a ground-level view of the neighborhood's issues - I've heard concerns from friends about potholes and uneven pavement, streets with no sidewalks where foot travel is hazardous, and residents displeased with having their neighborhood used as a detour for avoiding Los Feliz Boulevard. Speed bumps and bike lanes seem like an easy fix to ease congestion and make the area safer. I was heartened to see the collective support for Victor Aguirre, a fruit vendor apprehended by ICE. I am glad to see the food trucks populating the parking lot of The Palace, and hope that we can find a good use for that abandoned restaurant's space. I hope working on the Council will give me a broader understanding of the neighborhood's issues, and allow me to communicate some of them, as well.

6.  What issues in your District make you interested in representing it? Why do you think you are qualified to work on these issues?

I feel proud to be a part of District D and think that a more walkable, communal space will benefit both the residents and visitors. As my priorities will be public services and spaces, I feel qualified to address them as a member of the public. My experience living, working (from home), and exploring the district gives me first-hand qualifications to both report on our issues to the larger committee and bring their resources to bear on them.

7.  Once elected, you will be representing a specific District.  How do you plan to stay in touch with the residents of your District?

I plan on establishing an email address for Council business and issues and to find time each month to make myself available to residents with questions or concerns.

8.  What activities have you been involved in with the community? (Give examples)

My wife and I love living in Los Feliz - we go for walks in Griffith Park, watch movies at the Los Feliz 3, and eat at many of the fabulous restaurants. Visiting the haunted houses on Halloween and book store events at Starlight, noshing on food truck offerings, browsing the library - every interaction I have makes me feel like part of a special community.

9.  Where do you see yourself in five years?

I hope to be even more involved in local government and problem-solving - maybe even City Council?