LFNC Election 2018: Chelsea Mottern, Candidate, District E

1.  How long have you lived in District E?

I've lived in District E for two years, but I've lived in Los Feliz for longer!

2.  H ow many hours a week can you devote to the work of the Neighborhood Council and its subcommittees?

I am planning on dedicating between eight to ten hours per week to the Neighborhood Council if I am elected.

3.  How many Neighborhood Council meetings have you attended in the last six months?

I've attended a handful of Neighborhood Council meetings in the past six months.

4.  The Neighborhood Council has a number of areas of interests and concerns.  What areas of interest do you plan to become involved in? 

If elected, I'd like to be involved in improving public safety for residents and stakeholders in Los Feliz, as well as expanding programming for Los Feliz residents so that we can continue to engage with our neighbors and community members and support local businesses.

5.  How familiar are you with the particular issues, projects, and nuances of your particular District?

As a resident of District E, I try to stay on top of issues impacting my immediate surroundings. I care about the neighborhood beautification and cleanup projects happening in Franklin Hills, read the Los Feliz Ledger, and try to stay as up-to-date about new businesses and upcoming events as possible.

6.  What issues in your District make you interested in representing it? Why do you think you are qualified to work on these issues?

I'm interested in improving the public safety and beautification in my district, as well as improving public transit and expanding programming and events that we can take part in. I received my Master's in Public Policy from the University of Southern California, and I've been a resident of Los Feliz for quite some time now. I think that I am responsive and quick-thinking, ready to listen to the ideas of my neighbors, and have new ideas that I'm ready to bring to the LFNC that will help make Los Feliz even better than it already is.

7.  Once elected, you will be representing a specific District. How do you plan to stay in touch with the residents of your District?

I spend a significant amount of time frequenting the local businesses and taking advantage of all that Los Feliz has to offer. If elected, I would plan to hold regular meeting times at local coffee shops or at Griffith Park where constituents could come meet with me to address any concerns, in addition to making myself regularly available via phone or e-mail.

8.  What activities have you been involved in with the community? (Give examples)

I'm a regular library-goer, enjoy attending readings and events at Skylight Books, go to Odd Nights At The Autry and the bi-monthly comedy show at Best Fish Taco, hike and attend events at Griffith regularly, and buy my hummus at the weekly Farmers Market at the post office.

9.  Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years, I see myself continuing to advance my career in non-profits and social justice. Currently, I serve as the Deputy Director for Grant Administration at Equality California, an LGBTQ civil rights non-profit. Longer term, I would love to work for a foundation that is responsible for providing grants to community organizations working in the social justice and civil rights space. Personally, I see myself staying in Los Feliz with my cat, continuing to stay involved in my community, and enjoying all that Los Angeles has to offer.